Friday, January 6, 2012 I am...flaws and all

Well, I finally went back to WW after many tribulations in my life with the addition of the holidays I kind of forgot about me and what makes me happy.  I have forgotten that when I forget to love makes it hard to share myself and love with others.  I have had a ton of bricks dropped on me in the past month and I realized that as an addict I will look for any excuse to fall off the wagon.  Well, I officially did.  For quite some time.  I woke up and said enough is enough and went to weigh in...expecting the worst!  I missed two weigh ins...I gained 2.8 lbs before that and when I weighed in this week I gained an additional 5.6.  So that is still less then I thought, but still a gain.  I keep telling myself that I won't beat myself up and I will get back on the wagon and I start every day with great intentions, but end with such failure.  I am not sure what it will take to get my head back in the game and remember that what I feel like now is not what I want to feel like...making the wrong choices is making me feel worse about myself.  I try to remember that, but then the addict inside me takes any excuse I have to stop.  I am going to continue to try each day to fight this battle.  I am happy to know I have my WW crew back because I lost my favorite leader of all times!  She moved, so that is part of the reason I stopped going.  I hadn't stayed for a meeting in 3 weeks because I couldn't stand her sub.  He actually cleared our whole class because he was such a bad leader.

I went back with my bad attitude and then saw that I had a sub that I knew I actually liked!  I had every intention of not staying that day, but I ended up staying and it felt great.  That good feeling never seems to pull me through tho.  I make it to lunch EVERY day and then I fall off the wagon.  I am doing something wrong and I will figure it out and be back with a vengeance.  I miss having weight loss buddies with me in class and I miss having a tangible goal, but life is never black and white so I must remind myself of the grey and move forward.  I have to muck through the grey and get to the other side.  I also have to remind myself that it isn't all or nothing in this world.  There is a such thing as doing it a little and not all the way...that does NOT make me a failure.  It means I am trying and I will try a little more each day.  I think I am ditching my iwatchr for the moment and moving on to a real tracker.  maybe mixing it up a bit will help me. 

Sorry for the rambling, but I had a lot to get off my chest.  I hope that this post will help me and others realize that just because you aren't perfect at something does not mean you are failing at means you are trying and that is better then doing nothing!  Onward and upwards :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Workout tips when you don't have a gym...

So, I have found some awesome tools to help you when you don't have the money to spend on a gym :)  My personal favorite is my Nike+.  Not everyone understands what it is or how it works.   I am kind of old school when it comes to this, so let me tell you what I know :)

I have Nike+ app on my iPhone (comes automatically with all iPhones and I believe is downloadable on other smart phones).  There is a Nike+ GPS which is $1.99 on the iPhone which I purchased and I haven't even tried it yet.  Apparently that one you don't need a foot pod with...not sure how that works.  How I do it is I have a foot pod that my Nike+ Sensor goes into on my shoe.  So you don't even need a special shoe.  What is great about it is it measures your foot steps and tells you how far you are going.  You can set your run to music which I love!  It even has coaching on it so if you want to run your first 5K it will give you a training plan.  I used it when I did my half marathon and it was awesome!  You can set that you want to run by time, distance or calories burnt.  You can even do basic which is just running and tracking for you.  It will talk you through your progress.  So, I run 20 min normally.  It will say you have run 5 min then again at 10 then it counts down.  After it says your half way point it will count down 5 min left, 4, 3, 2 and 1.  It is awesome.  I even hit my best mile times and Lance Armstrong came on to congratulate me.  It reminds you that you aren't running forever.  You can even look back at your year to see how far you ran all year.  There is even contests on their site to try and win for different things.  You get medals.  Its healthy competition literally.

My other new fav is NTC (Nike Training Center).  It actually shows you videos of what to do for workouts that you build yourself.  Again, it counts down for you and also tracks just like the Nike+.  Now not everyone knows what a Crazy Ivan is (I know I didn't), so you can play the video to show you...the workout pauses while you watch the video and then when you are ready you can just hit start.  Best thing, the app is FREE!  Can you believe it!?!?  I am sure it would be nice on an iPad, but I have only used it on the iPhone.  I did the ab workout and I haven't really been able to laugh for a couple days now because it really worked you out!  The only thing so far I had to go buy was a medicine ball (yknow the heavy ball that when you throw it to your husband he doesn't expect it to be 8 lbs and he almost drops

So, those are my on a budget work out tips.  So, no more excuses...go out and move more!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have a lot of people ask me what makes good snacks during the day.  I have SO many!  Where to start?

  • I LOVE Banana/Nutella Wontons = 1 point+ each
  • Every day I have rice cakes which are two for 1 point+  They aren't your typical rice cakes...see my earlier post for pictures.  I normally add to it 2 laughing cow cheese (1 on each) and cucumbers = 1 point+ or 1 snack pack of wholly guacamole and salsa (3 points+).  The guacamole really keeps me full longer.
  • I also have fiber one brownies = 2 points + each (kinda small and no veggies involved, so I try not to do them to often)
  • I also have 2 pieces of 97% fat free turkey deli slices with 1 tbsp each of garden veggie FF cream cheese and sometimes I throw in peppers = 4 points+
  • Yogurt (any kind greek just beware of sugars) and special k bran buds (1/6 C is 1 point+)
  • 8 oz of trop 50 OJ with 1 banana in the blender with crushed ice (1 point+)
I hope this helps in the snack department.  They are some of my favs :)  I am not a fan of processed food, so I try to stay away from prepackaged things or anything that is high in points for snack.  My night time snack I totally forgot!  I have 1/2 cup of FF Breyers chocolate ice cream with banana (3 points+).  I eat that EVERY NIGHT!  I totally recommend yum!  If you have extra points left in your day add the brownie to it too for a 5 points+ snack.

Side note.  I have bonus points that I try and do at least 3x a week.  Do you use your bonus points?  I don't eat them ever, but I worked out today alot and i was STARVING.  I had popcorn (which I never eat) for a snack and it was 5 points+.  It was so NOT worth the points.  I was still hungry afterwards.  I went and had my wholly guacamole and I was STUFFED even up till dinner.  I agree with my leader that reds keep you full (ie tomatoes, red peppers, apples or strawberries) and avocados do it too.  I know they are points, but they are points that keep you full longer and process very well through your body.  My new thing in the AM for my egg, veggie and cheese sandwich I am adding wholly queso instead of cheese on my sandwich.  It is SO good and adds so much taste and it is made with cheese (I know processed) and veggies (that part is good)!  I am going to try and do how to work out at home tomorrow :)  Any snacks you have to share please do!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I am back!

Well, it has been awhile since I have been on this whole blog has been a bunch of ups and downs but thankfully my weight loss has never gone up.  6 months was 50 lbs so I got to expect it to come off a little slower here now :)

I am changing some stuff up to try and jump start my system again.  I am adding running/weight training/wii zumba into the mix now and adding LOTS of bran buds to my diet haha.  BTW I found out that turkey before I work out kept me full (I hate to work out on a empty stomach). Loving me some Special K All Bran Bran Buds (1/6 cup added to yogurt).  Helps keep everything moving :)  We shall see if all my hard work pays off.

Some new recipes I have loved is the Chicken Rollatini with Prosciutto and Cheese.  Was super easy to make and so yum!

Some of my non scale victories this week were I got size 12 jeans, a bathing suit and into my short shorts in one weekend!  What a great weekend it was!  Someone asked me did I feel better after losing that weight and it was so hard to answer!  I still have my goal in mind and I haven't given my chance the ability to be happy about where I am!  As soon as I had all these accomplishments this week I was SO happy and took time to say yay me!  Felt great!

This week I was the lucky person who had to start our meeting tracker!  What stress that is (a good one though).  We are each taking the tracker for a week and sharing it with the class...each week a different person gets it and we get to see what other people did!  Kinda cool and allows us to see our food plan through someone else's eyes (not to mention the leader will be picking it apart I am sure...scary! lol).  I hope this is also a kick in the pants I need to get over this hump!

So, let me wrap this up by saying I am back!  I hope to have some new ideas for some snacks up on my next blog :)  Tell me how you are doing or any snack ideas you have!?!?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another giveaway....

For those of you who know Trader Joes you will be excited about this!  I have never been, but I so want to go!  This is good incentive to go to Princeton and check it out!!!

Trader Joe Giveaway

Monday, March 14, 2011

Another giveaway....

Totally unrelated to weight loss, but my fav doll maker is doing a giveaway...check it out!!!

Peachy Keen Dolls Giveaway

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh I love me a giveaway...

My fav blogger Danica is doing a wonderful wishbone giveaway!  The new dressings look oh so yum!  Anything to help us eat salad is always good too :)  Be sure to enter!